Eagle Four Drum (60 Gallon Capacity) Polyethylene Modular Spill Containment Platform

Manufacturer : Eagle Manufacturing Company

$ 450.88

Part Number: 1634

Manufacturer: Eagle Manufacturing Company

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: FOUR DRUM MODULAR SPILL PLATFORM Bring flexibility to your storage area! These platforms can be arranged in an endless number of configurations. The modular platforms feature a low profile for easier loading and unloading and are compatible with Eagle's 1689 ramp. These units have a 30 gallon spill capacity per 2 drum side, use blow molded high-density polyethylene construction for superior strength and feature Eagle's patented removable poly grating. Each 4-drum unit includes two 2' U-channel connectors to join units. MODEL 1634 SPECIFICATIONS: SPILL CAPACITY: 30 gallons/side WEIGHT: 65 lbs. DIMENSIONS: 52.5" x 51.5" x 6.5" LOAD CAPACITY: 10,000 lbs.

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