DBI/SALA Large ExoFit Construction Vest Style Harness With Back D-Ring, Sewn-In Back Pad And Belt With Side D-Rings And Quick-Connect Buckles

Manufacturer : DBI/SALA

$ 312.00

Part Number: 1108502

Manufacturer: DBI/SALA

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: The ExoFit design is based on the concept of a single piece of material constructed in the shape of an ÒXÓ that wraps around you for the ultimate in no-tangle donning and comfortable security. From the moment you put it on, the ExoFit exceeds anything youÕve ever worn in a fall protection harness. The materials are soft and lightweight, yet extremely durable. The shoulder, hip and leg padding is built-in so it canÕt slip. The breathable Dri-lex lining guarantees youÕll stay dry and comfortable every day. And the quick-release buckles are fast, efficient and totally secure! It even has a memory! Put on the ExoFit Harness, adjust it, and from then on it remembers the adjustment. The next time youÕre on the job, slip it over your shoulders like a vest, snap the three ExoFit buckles and youÕre ready to work. ItÕs faster than putting on and buttoning up your shirt! The ExoFit Harness gives you good looks, comfort and technology from todayÕs recreational harnesses - parasailing, backpacking, skydiving absolute functionality from the military and guaranteed high standards and safety from both. ItÕs a perfect marriage. Every DBI/SALA harness combines maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use without sacrificing safety. All DBI/SALA harnesses are designed to securely retain you in case of a fall and distribute the impact forces throughout your body. Our exclusive No-Tangle design holds the shape of the harness, adding to your comfort, and making it easier to put on.

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