Amerex 30 Lbs Class D Sodium Chloride F.M. Approved Fire Extinguisher With Wall Bracket

Manufacturer : Amerex Corporation

$ 659.95

Part Number: B570

Manufacturer: Amerex Corporation

Minimum Quantity: 1

Description: Amerex¨ Class D Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher. An Amerex¨ exclusive, Model 570 contains a specially blended sodium chloride based dry powder extinguishing agent. Heat from the fire causes it to cake and form a crust excluding air and dissipating the heat from the burning metal. Metal fires involving Magnesium, Sodium (spills and depth), Potassium, Sodium Potassium alloys, Uranium and powdered Aluminum can be controlled and extinguished with this unique extinguisher. Available in 150 Lbs wheeled or stationary unit.

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