Howard Leight Multiple Use Fusion 4-Flange Blue And Yellow Thermal Plastic Urethane Corded Earplugs With Detachable Nylon Cord (1 Pair Per HearPack, 100 Pair Per Box)

Manufacturer : Honeywell

$ 1.52

Part Number: FUS30-HP

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Minimum Quantity: 100

Description: Fusion multiple-use earplugs use advanced manufacturing technology to deliver a revolutionary combination of all-day comfort and easy handling. Its FlexiFirm core ensures easy insertion into the ear canal and a superior fit all day long. FusionÕs patented SoftFlange design adjusts perfectly to the ear canal to deliver unmatched comfort and superior attenuation. Two sizes Ð regular and small Ð provide optimal fit for comfort and safety, while its soft braided fabric detachable cord system adapts to any application.

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